# 3. # 3. This work is pleasant to me and alarming at the same time. It is associated with glow, fire, with something deep and hot. Forms have decided not to be at… Fog. Fog. As inspiration for this picture fogs of St. Petersburg have served. In this smoke everything changes the outlines, appears not as what is, gives rise to the mass of images.… 5-18. 5-18. This painting made by oil on canvas combines sensuality and tenderness with expressivity and rigidity. The complex invoice of a surface creates internal tension. It is very personal work. That celebration. That celebration. In this abstract artwork made by oil on a canvas in an expressive manner I reflect on dialectics of a gift. the painting bears feeling of a holiday and a… Deep Blue. Deep Blue. Working on this painting I reflected on emergence of something warm and bright in depth and how it begins to influence everything around. Deepness becomes illuminated by this new heat,… Blue planet. Blue planet. This round artwork is performed by oil on plywood. Expressiona brushstrokes create difficult interlacings, mixing up with each other. 1-18. 1-18. Sometimes there is a wish to create something simple and emotional. Loosening controls of mind, I try to give free to my condition and to allow it to be expressed… Melted dream. Melted dream. This artwork about dreams. Every time when you try to remember a dream, it dissipated into thin air, melts, breaks up to parts. The painting transfers feeling of viscosity of… untitled #4. untitled #4. This painting is improvisation of colors and forms, a composite game. I am inspired by material, as oil lays down on a canvas beautiful strokes, as lines, forms and colors… # 9. # 9. This work performed by oil on a canvas is created in the pacified state in thoughts of transcendental. In my opinion it causes the mass of associations in the audience,… #17. #17. This picture is filled with air. It seems to me that warm wind blows and take off forms from their places, fancifully connecting them and creating impressive strokes. 6-18. 6-18. This big size work bright, juicy and great mood painting. There is a lot of internal movement and dynamics in it. Bright and wide dabs brushstrokes by oil on canvas… A Tree. A Tree. This painting is very valuable to me because it's created in a condition of that special inspiration when painting is everything that you can do. As if you fail into… Fantasm. Fantasm. This work is inspired by dynamic fight of light against a shadow, various colors with each other, their mutual transition. As if from fight a certain poetic unity is born,… In a Cave. In a Cave. This work was inspired by Werner Herzog film "Cave of Forgotten Dreams" about the Chauvet Cave, which contains the oldest human-painted images yet discovered. Earth colors, dynamics of animals movement… It looks like an illusion. It looks like an illusion. This light, transparent artwork reminds the sky and the movement of clouds. It is dynamic and sensual, and there is something dissipating that reminds emergence and disappearance of illusion. Untitled mood. Untitled mood. This artwork is inspired late fall and those experiences which always arise when you see this incredible color scale. It captures you completely, this last flash before long silence. The Conversation. The Conversation. During creation this artwork I thought of relationship, of a conversation, of communication. Painting has turned out bright, saturated, dynamic, despite static composition. Flowers for Francesca. Flowers for Francesca. Strangely enough but this easy and bright work is inspired by Francesca Woodman's photos and the movie about her. I reflected on her painful short life and suffering, I was… Kandinsky inspired. Kandinsky inspired. Vasily Kandinsky one of my favourite artists and source of constant inspiration! This artwork made oil on canvas is created after viewing of his album and represents rethinking about this… Hoarfrost. Hoarfrost. This painting is created in the early spring when water is still held down by ice, everything is covered with the melting snow and the first pale sun appears only… 2-18. 2-18. This artwork bears in itself a lot of energy. It is inspired by the nature - winter and a blizzard. Expressional brush strokes gives the internal movement. 7-18. 7-18. Sometimes painting helps to concentrate, brings you together on pieces in something whole - this difficult process is displayed in this artwork. Underwater. Underwater. In this artwork I have tried to imagine what's it like to be at a depth, under infinite thickness of water, where nothing can be seen. The ray only getting… 8-18. 8-18. Sometimes there is desire to create something simple, but the artwork begins to live its own life very quickly and surprises me with the end result again .